Reality check when thinking about studying abroad.

Realising the importance of globalization most of the students now dream of getting international recognition. No doubt academically it gives new edge to the student’s ability & skills but the glamour attached of flying to a new land & studying in an advanced college with people of mi ed ethnicity cant be ignored. However there is so much more attached to this dream which students should realize once they set up to craft this dream.
  First thing which student should ask themselves is ‘Do they really have the courage to chase what they have dreamt?’. The entire processing requires lot of effort, patience &


preparations. Secondly they need to evaluate their qualifications. They should realize their potential in every aspects, be it their grades, efforts to meet certain rigrous criterias of the universities & country. Financial status of the family is also one of the most important aspect that should be kept in mind. Most of the time this becomes the main reason for giving this dream a back seat. As comparatively large amount of funds are required for studying &relocating to other country.
Lastly adapting to the new environment can be a real challenge for every foreign students. Weather change can effect the health of the student. Whereas different cultures & customs may also influence student’s mind negatively. Hence it could hamper the confidence level of a student in foreighn land.
In order to overcome these struggles student must have enough physical & mental strength. Therefore while studying abroad offers great opportunities for better future it also has its own challenges that should be overcome.
Ms. Rozeen
Gleam Education- Counselor

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